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Linkpoint® AIO – An intuitive ATM style interface makes this terminal easy to use.  It’s high-speed, integrated thermal printer streamlines sales, installation, and everyday operation.  Supports all bank and credit cards, online debit card support (with PIN Pad) and Telecheck acceptance.  This machine can store up to eight applications at one time.  It is ideal for beauty salons, doctor’s offices, and restaurants. 
Buy- $350  Rent- $25/month

Wireless WAY Terminal – The Way Systems Mobile Wireless Solution offers wireless payment solutions for merchants on the move.  This system offers cellular phone-base wireless POS card terminals that weigh less than a point and are easy to use, affordable and work on the reliable GPRS network.  You’ll be ready for business no matter where you are. 
Buy- $999  Rent- $49.95/month

Eclipse® – The Eclipse® terminal combines advances authorization and payment technology allowing you to replace multiple terminals and streamline your technology.  It includes a built in check reader, inkjet printer, and credit and debit acceptance.  The Eclipse® also stores up to 300 check and 300 credit transactions for full reporting capabilities.
Buy- $650  Rent- $39.95/month

First Data™ FD100 – The First Data™ FD100 is an all in one terminal solution that combines performance, security, reliability and ease of use into a low-cost, feature-rich device.  As one of the fastest, most secure point-of-sale terminals available, the First Data™ FD100 easily adapts to changing circumstances and environments.  It also possesses internet capability where no phone line is necessary.
Buy- $750  Rent- $49.95/month

Pin Pad – Accept PIN-secured payments at the point-of-sale.  This state of the art, yet affordable piece of technology allows you to capitalize on the rapid growth of debit while saving you money every month on your processing.  Compatible with all types of equipment. 
Buy- $250  Rent- $15/month

Web-Based Processing – This option is for any merchant with a website or any merchant who wishes to process their transactions through a virtual terminal.  It enables automated processing for website orders and/or the manual processing of e-mail, telephone, faxed, mail order or face-to-face sales.  Our secure gateway will process your transactions safely and efficiently with 24 hour/7 days a week customer service.  It also includes the option of repeat billing at no additional charge.
Buy- $295  Our Price- FREE

POS Value Exchange™ – The POS Value Exchange™ solution consists of three retail-designed components: a personal computer at the point-of-sale powered by an Intel processor, a software package leveraging Microsoft technology that handles inventory and customer management, and integrated First Data payment processing that will allow you to process a variety of payment types.  Helpful to businesses such as retail, convenience stores (not petroleum), and single locations merchants or independently managed locations.
Buy- $4750  Rent- $249.95/month

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