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Savings calculations are based on credit card sales with a 2.5% transaction fee, after the deduction of the monthly Coastal Payments cost. This estimated calculation does not reflect the final or full amount of cost savings with Coastal Payments.

Our Low-Cost Merchant Accounts Make Your Business Smarter, Faster, & Mobile.

Are you searching for low-cost merchant accounts? Look no further! Coastal Payments is the industry’s leading mobile, EMV-capable, pay-at-the-table solution. From the bustling coffee shop to the poolside bar, Coastal Payments provides quick, accurate, and secure transactions – all from the palm of your hand.

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Coastal Payments



Low-Cost, High Quality Merchant Accounts (Everything You Never Knew You Needed)

With some of the most advanced payment security technologies built right in to Coastal Payments, like tokenization and encryption, you don’t have to worry about storing, processing, or transmitting your customers’ sensitive payment card data. And now, your stationary point-of-sale (POS) system can be as mobile as you are. So, you can expand your business, boost sales, and run promotions while giving your customers faster service, secure ways to pay, and a better experience.

Payments As They Should Be

Our layered payment security technologies, acceptance for a full suite of payment types, and support for some of the most compact and revolutionary payment devices in the industry helps businesses focus on what matters most to them – growing their business. And with a team of U.S.-based payments experts ready and willing to help you along the way, taking your business to the next level has never been easier.

Secure, Powerful, & Simple Merchant Accounts

Coastal Payments provides businesses with the most flexible and secure way to seamlessly migrate to EMV, simplify PCI compliance, and protect their customers’ card data.

  • Streamline the EMV migration process and maintain control of the customer experience
  • Reduce your cardholder data environment and lower the cost of PCI compliance
  • Improve security by eliminating sensitive card data from the POS
  • Connect with the processor of your choice and integrate with other payment systems

Discover the Flexibility of Coastal Payments

Coastal Payments + Clover

With Coastal Payments + Clover, you get one of the most powerful, productive payment solutions in the industry.

Coastal Payments On Poynt

Take your sales to new heights by accepting payments anywhere, anytime with Coastal Payments On Poynt.

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